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Anger : Anger is a natural emotion that is essential for our wellbeing.  The physiological effects of anger provide us with a boost of energy usually when we perceive a threat or challenge in order to help us make a flight or fight response.  However, anger can cause us difficulties when it either becomes too frequent, too intense or when it lasts for too long. Anger causes us to be stressed and the more stressed we are the more easily we become angry.  This can lead us into a downward spiral where we find we are constantly shouting, or losing our temper.  We tend to vent our anger in relationships where we feel safe, so often our closest family suffers the most. How can counselling help with Anger? Although it feels as though we have an outburst for no particular reason, this is not the case.  There is always a trigger.  A counsellor can help you to identify your particular trigger(s) and help you to understand why that event has such an impact on you.  Your counsellor can help you to see the event from a different perspective and help you to explore how you could deal more effectively with the situations that make you angry. 

Abuse : If we have been victims of abuse we are often left with feeling of powerlessness, shame, anger or despair.  We may want to move on with our lives but find that the past still haunts us and we may find it difficult to form close relationships without getting hurt yet again.  We may try to protect ourselves with a show of aggression, even though inside we may feel weak and helpless.  We may feel disgusted with ourselves for letting the abuse happen in the first place.  In short, we may be very unhappy.  How can counselling help with Abuse?  By having someone listen to your story in a non-judgemental way in a safe, confidential environment you may find the courage to explore your own story with renewed strength.  You may get a clearer idea of who was responsible for what happened and you may be able to let go of your feelings of guilt or shame.  You may recognise repeating patterns and discover how to break out of them.  Successful counselling can help you move out of the shadow of past abuse and into the light of your future.